How It Got Started

The Roots

Doesn't everyone wake up exhausted in the mornings? Who has time for that? And doesn't everyone feel this way? For years, in different ways, we both fell victim to the fast-paced lifestyle, that we thought was "just how it's supposed to be." And on our own journeys to finding ourselves, we also decided to seek more out of our lives. Or less? A journey to taking a step back and taking a deep breath, or trying that hobby we've always wanted to, or most importantly, enjoying the little things in life again; to finding what balance really means. The more we opened up about our early-onset existential crisis' the more common we realized this feeling was, and thus followed our new passionate idea; working girl central. A safe place,  to give others a taste of what goes on our chaotic minds in hopes of helping you find peace in your own.

All The Info

Within the past year, both of us were diagnosed with a plethora of different chronic illnesses. With this, it was time for a drastic change in our lifestyle in a range of areas; from fitness to food, to destressing, self-care, and above all self-love. We are beyond excited to share with you all we have learned.

We believe you must bring your whole authentic self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought us to start Working Girl Central. To see what we’ve been up to, browse our site, learn about our passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.

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A word from Meg

About Me

For years, I was stuck in an unexplained rut. Upon my diagnosis of SIBO (a gut infection), Chronic reactivated EBV (mono), and Chronic Lyme disease, I learned just how connected your physical and mental health really are. Since then, I have become intentional about my life and how I spend my time, and meeting my inner child again. As of late, I have had an especially fun time exploring the things that make me happy, and finding new ways to both regulate and inspire myself every day.  Yes, I still work your classic 9-5 corporate, but after I now find myself wandering into pole dance classes, exploring different types of fitness, reopening my old favorite dystopian novels, mediocrely painting (but hey at least I'm trying), shooting at home boudoir with friends (confidence is key) and so much more; explore what resonates with you and remember balance is key.


A word from Sam

Everyone's journey is different, but my personal health and fitness journey is where I found myself. A decade of symptoms and wrong diagnoses lead me to where I am today: I am currently battling Chronic Lyme disease, SIBO, Epstein Barr virus, hypothyroidism, mold & metal toxicity (the list goes on, you name it and I probably got it).  Through these diagnoses, I found my passion. I learned all that I could about gut health, digestion, hormones, fitness, and in turn how to foster our bodies to function at their best. My goal is to spread the positive energy strength training has brought into my life, and help you find your inner strength and empowerment to find the best version of yourself too.

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