Competitive Edge

Let's talk about incorporating balance into that competitive edge. In today's day and age, especially in the face of social media, obsession and excessive habits have been just as normalized as body positivity and genuine health and fitness; it is an extremely fine line. I've done the obsessive. I've done the giving up altogether. I've experienced the guilt as well as the high of diving deep into the "health and wellness" lifestyle, and here's what I've learned;

The saying "everything in moderation" goes for your fitness routine as well, not just your food. It goes for your healing journey as well, not just the days you "cheat." It goes for your daily life; your work and your free time. Trying too hard to do the right thing, can be just as all-consuming and unhealthy as what we perceive the "wrong" things to be. I've seen many people workout 6 days a week, eat extremely clean, become workaholics, or become all consumed by their "healing journeys." And that's GREAT if they can do that from a good place, and especially if they have the time for it (I admire this lifestyle if it is feasible for you!) BUT for those of us whose job is outside of health and wellness, it can be hard, even stressful, to try and keep up with the new "healthy motivated lifestyle" standards set for us, so much so, a lifestyle meant to better us can break us down even more. SO here is my speech on why becoming that girl looks incredibly different for everyone. This speech is copied and pasted from a text I sent to a friend who knew she had to "chill out" in the gym but felt as though she couldn't because it is her "competitive outlet."

"Queen!! Throwback to when I killed myself freshman year (clearly I’ve dropped off since then) but that was because lifting for that competitive spark killed me. Now I lift for ~health~ and find competitive outlets elsewhere (Writing, pick up games, ONE hard training a week instead of 6! DIY projects, POLE DANCING HAHAH THERES SO MANY HOBBIES U CAN CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH!!!) I feel like it’s hard to just say you need to “cool it” without putting that competitive drive elsewhere and I feel like the competitive drive is all about learning and conquering a hobby; so find a new one you love then when u get bored FIND SOME MORE!!!"

Allow me to clarify: Competitive edge is NOT just reserved for fitness. Challenging yourself goes far beyond the physical. Building true confidence in yourself can not be achieved solely physically or aesthetically. It is breaking out of your comfort zone. It is making a promise to yourself and keeping it. Allow me to repeat; it can even be

putting that competitive drive elsewhere; it can be about learning and conquering a hobby. Find a new one you love and then when you get bored, find some more!

If you can't tell yet, I have raging ADHD. One thing I oddly love about my ADHD is my many hyper fixations, which often turn out to focus on a new hobby every other month. Can it be a little overwhelming to desperately want to learn something new all the time? Sure. But it keeps me on my toes. It keeps me challenging myself often. It's what saves me from obsessing over habits for the wrong reasons, yet also keeps me disciplined in schedule. Most importantly it keeps me on the road to healing my inner child, by feeding her whatever hobby she craves, no matter how good or bad I am at it, but because it's fun. And if I love it, I stick with it. SO here is a list of things I want to learn, that I have curated over the last few months;

Pole dancing, Relearn Spanish, Sew, Pottery, Bake, Paint, Boxing, Learn Guitar

It may take me years to complete (or at least start) this whole list, but I'm beyond excited to log my experiences with each; feel free to join me along the way. Stay tuned for my first pole dancing class review ;)

-Written with love,

Meghan + Sam

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